About the Artist

Calypso is a multi-disciplinary artist and tattooist who currently resides in Orlando, Florida. Her style is brought to life by using vibrantly colored abstract textures, elements of nature, and realistic forms intertwined as one. As a traveling tattoo artist and live painter for music festivals around the country, she often uses influences from music and divergent interpretations discussed with patrons. when traveling, you can find most of Calypso's art in wearable form such as shirts, shoes, hats, and her most popular item, pins. Her main interest is both intuitive and intentional art that creates a wave of emotion to her viewers. However, her biggest impact is through tattooing where body art is used to provide a sense of self love, acceptance, and body positivity to her clients. When tattooing, Calypso's style is described as a fusion of watercolor, blackwork, and neo-tradional but her favorite, and most challenging, request is coverup tattoos.